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  1. Healthy Feet are Happy Feet!fotoliacomp_30875073_e9qxu8sf8onlryh17oakdyb99ajjme1q

    It is important that we look after our feet throughout the year but especially so in the warm summer months when our feet are more exposed and wearing sandals, can irritate and cause dryness to our skin.

    The 2 most common foot complaints during this time of year are dry cracked heels and Athletes foot, a fungal infection which generally appears between the toes but can appear anywhere on the foot and also in the toe nails.

    •  Your feet should be washed daily with a mild soap & properly dried, paying special attention to in-between the toes.
    •  Exfoliate once a week with a mild scrub to remove any dry calloused areas.
    •  Use a good quality moisturising cream daily.

    To reduce the risk of Athletes foot wear cotton socks and rotate your footwear.

  2. feet4 

    Then why dont you sneak a peek at their feet!. “You can detect everything from diabetes to nutritional deficiencies just by examining the feet,” says Jane Andersen, DPM, president of the American Association of Women Podiatrists and a spokeswoman for the American Podiatric Medical Association.

    The lowly left and right provide plenty of insightful data: Together they contain a quarter of the body’s bones, and each foot also has 33 joints; 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments; and countless nerves and blood vessels that link all the way to the heart, spine, and brain.

    Unresolved foot problems can have unexpected consequences. Untreated pain often leads a person to move less and gain weight, for example, or to shift balance in unnatural ways, increasing the chance of falling and breaking a bone.